Kanelpyu (n.)

A terrible condition which afflicts anyone whose job involves repeating a breezy greeting or repetitive and insincere offer of assistance to people they really don’t care about.  This results in the creation of a whole host of new fictionary words like:

  • Jawonanysawses?
  • Jalykadrink?
  • Pastrywivat?
  • Enthintweet?
  • Pliskallmibakon (incomprehensible phone number).
  • Wojjalyke?
  • Kannagajennything?
  • Crispynutsothersnaks?
  • Galarge?

And the eponymous kanelpyu… diagnosis is relatively straightforward as the questioner is distorting your reply in a similar way so anything vaguely resembling an expected answer will result in the delivery of the correct item.  For instance when asked Crispynutsothersnaks? If the reply “A bucket of pine nuts, please.” results in a “Packet of peanuts” rather than a puzzled look… they are definitely suffering from kanelpyu.

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