Bideccaquadritis (n.)

A severe addiction to 24 resulting in the use of the following phrases in casual conversation by the vending machines:

  • “That’s a mistake – never select decaf.”
  • “You have to let me do it my way – otherwise the sliding door thing get’s stuck.”
  • “I don’t care! I like the taste of dishwater.”
  • “Tell me the location of the sweetener or I will kill you!”
  • “We don’t have much time – they don’t have a tea break here.”
  • “We have a situation – spilled coffee call the CDC … er Helpdesk.”
  • “We don’t have 10 minutes – we have 30.”
  • “Do you have a visual on the sandwich van.”
  • “There’s no time – like the present.”
  • “You have to trust me – the powdered fruit juice tastes like p*ss.”
  • “Yes mister President – I don’t smoke, but hey, free cigar.”
  • “I’m sorry but we didn’t have a choice – only black decaf coffee left.”
  • “We did what was necessary – and wobbled the machine until the crisps fell out.”
  • “Your making a terrible mistake – don’t touch the freakin’ decaf – how many times!.”
  • “I’ll giver you covering fire…. go, go!  Sorry, not sure what happened there.”
  • “Let’s move – quietly back to our desks.”

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