Thai Food

  • GAI GOR DON – a deep fried Mars bar accompanied by bagpipes and dancing.
  • KAO PAD GUM – a delicious deep fried cow pat garnished with well chewed bubblegum (which should still be warm and moist).
  • PED RON – Thai version of a Mexcican dish from the East end of London.
  • LAB GAI YANG – A little known character from CSI New York
  • PLA YANG BAI THONG – The adjustments women have to make to their underwear.
  • GAI YANG TA-KRAI – The moment just before Bambi’s Mum gets killed.
  • GOONG PAOW – Any of the movie moments where a bad guy gets blown up.
  • GOONG YAI SAUCE MA-KHAM – The bad guy blows up and you get goo on the camera lens.
  • CHU-CHI GOONG – The cute bad guy who gets killed last or get’s away.
  • GOONG PHAD NAM PRIK-PAOW – You can fill in the blanks on this one, eh?
  • PLA TORD SA-MOON PRAI-THAI – Sorry I pasted this in from a Sci-Fi website.
  • PAD KHING – An annoying man in eather trousers who has a flat with romantic music and auto dimming lights.

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