appley (adj.)

Used to describe any gadget guaranteed to divide opinion into three distinct camps…

Camp 1: It is unmitigated genius the likes of which have never before been seen upon the face of the Earth and for which we should give daily thanks as its mere appearance is like the tears of an angel being cried into your eyeballs.  A [p2p type=”slug” value=”spanky-pagoda”] will be required to avoid arrest when you reach the front of the queue outside the shop – it will also provide shelter during the 3 days you’ve been queueing.

Camp 2: It’s a very good product which certainly moves the game on substantially and might be getting very good indeed by the second or third version.  That said it is marred by a few glaring omissions some of which appear odd and leave you with the impression the underlying decision was based on emotion and bloody mindedness and not logic, commercial interest or common sense.

Camp 3: It’s an overblown, over-designed, hyped up piece of crap bought without fail by simpering feeble minded sycophants who can’t stop talking about the bloody thing to the point where people will cross the street to prevent a homicidal rage attack like the one that happened last time…

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