Bullshit Bingo: Old People

For rules of play and other versions click [p2p type=”slug” value=”bullshit-bingo-rules”].

You will notice there are fewer to choose from than the other versions making this the hardest version…

  1. I got you two for wash ‘n’ wear…  I’ve bought you two hideous bath mats.
  2. Are you all alright?  I want to talk about medical procedures and recent deaths.
  3. That was alright.  It’s rubbish but I’m to polite to say so.
  4. We’ve all got to have a look forward.  Crikey I’m still alive.
  5. Pardon?  I’m not wearing my hearing aids.
  6. Have you seen my hearing aids? I’m not wearing my glasses either.
  7. Eh? When I put my glasses on I accidentally turned off my hearing aid.
  8. My joints really ache today.  Can you cook my lunch?
  9. This pork crackling is really hard.  Can you chew my lunch?
  10. The dietition said I need to use portion control.  Look, just eat the damn thing, I’m off for a nap.

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