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appley (adj.)

Used to describe any gadget guaranteed to divide opinion into three distinct camps… Camp 1: It is unmitigated genius the likes of which have never before been seen upon the face of the Earth and for which we should give daily thanks as its mere appearance is like the tears of an angel being cried […]


lactodaisical (adj): A sudden feeling that you are quite capable of breast feeding – even though your a bloke..

Kermodian (adj.)

Speaking rapidly, without pausing, or breathing and with a tone of unquestionable authority using a minimum of four obscure film references to illustrate points where others use mere words, but always returning in a [p2p type=”slug” value=”corbettian”] fashion to the main topic. Can occasionally give the impression that your iPod has gone into fast forward […]


Gruntle (adj) disgruntled – Unhappy; dissatisfied; frustrated. gruntled – Happy; satisfied; calm. degruntled – moved from gruntled to disgruntled of your own accord. engruntled – moved from disgruntled to gruntled – esp. by someone else. gruntlized – forced into an unwilling state of gruntlement. gruntlefied – the result of being gruntlized. gruntlation – don’t be […]

Hamsterised (adj.)

The condition of any purse or wallet when more than one year old – bulging with ancient receipts, scrappy notes, unwanted business cards, expired debt cards and perished condoms. PS I really did mean┬ádebt not debit…

Corbettian (adj.)

A tendency to tell a story with frequent, lengthy, self-imposed digressions, but always returning unerringly to the original topic.