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Fact Deletion Syndrome – The uncanny ability of a newspaper to delete all relevant information from a news story.


Analyst Needs New Yacht – someone is padding the task with impressive presentations and protestations of complexity – do some more weeding.


NTBFW (abbrev.) Not to be f****d with.  A term which applies to anyone older than about 12 who hasn’t got over burning ants with a magnifying glass, shooting toy soldiers and model aircraft with an air rifle or pulling the legs off a spider, shouting orders at it and believing it doesn’t move because it’s […]


You Have Crap Analysts – do some weeding.


Too F*****g Complicated – either reduce the scope (it’s the only thing you usually have any control over given finite people, money and time) or break it into smaller projects, appoint an extra team to address the interfaces between them.


Stands for “People Can’t Memorize Computer Industry Acronyms”.