Rap Function

rap( target string, count number, substitution boolean ) return result string;

  • string1 – the string to be modified.
  • count – the number of adulterations to be applied (default 5, recommend < 10)
  • substitution – a boolean flag which controls whether the algorithm can add, remove or change words to improve the rhyming of the result.

This handy string function is ideal for the musically inclined – simply pass in any string of your choosing and this function will add the requested number of swear words, misogynist references to “hoes” and phrases about “busting caps” in other peoples bottoms.


rap(“I saw a cow eat grass while walking to my Granny’s house.”, 4, TRUE);

Saw a cow smokin’ grass, monochrome bootie hangin’ low, titties out what a ho, while I strode in the road to Gramma’s crib.”