Bullshit Bingo: Politicians

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  1. I don’t think people are interested in…<thing people are very interested>
  2. I think people are tired of… <something the politician is tired of>
  3. We need to draw a line under this <because it makes me look bad>.
  4. Taking the tough decisions.  Ignoring the electorate and doing things they don’t like.
  5. We’re consulting with those affected at every stage <but we’re going to screw them anyway>.
  6. There’s much left to do. Please vote for us, pretty please.
  7. Wait for the results of the review/enquiry.  We’re postponing it and hoping you’ll forge about it.
  9. I can’t discuss individual cases… We really f****d that one up!
  10. I don’t accept that… Yes you’re absolutely right!
  11. Hard working families.  Old Labour Voters.
  12. Doing things that make a real difference to ordinary people.  Bribing the voters just prior to an election.
  13. Boom and bust.  The economic cycle.
  14. Raft of Measures.  A tower of ill thought out legislation which undermines personal freedom or fails to achieve its objective.
  15. Work is already underway.  Crap I wish we’d thought of that!
  16. You make a co-payment and we contribute towards it.  We give some of your tax back to you and you pay the rest out of taxed income.
  17. The electorate are sending us a message.  We just got butt f*****d in a by-election.
  18. London is the greatest city in the world… It’s crime ridden shit hole with poor quality of life a high cost of living and over priced housing but we have to give Trump a good run for banging on about New York.
  19. You may think that but I couldn’t possibly comment. Yes.
  20. Proportionate, open and transparent. Er… bollocks!